Why Choose Us as Your Wedding Photographer?

In the whole scheme of life, not very many people will be able to own an original work of art by Dan Harris PhotoArt.

Of all the 'things' you buy for your wedding day, none is so valuable as the heartfelt memories captured and preserved in your Heirloom PhotoArt® Storybook Album. Your unique love story will be preserved and shared for generations to come. 

Our exceptional photography, editing and design skills along with our quality archival products will make a big difference in your life and the lives of your ancestors --Guaranteed!

As you view various Florida wedding photographer websites you will see lots of 'pretty pictures' (rings, shoes, decorations & things AND unrecognizable brides & grooms in magnificent surroundings) without much more to go on. 

Have you noticed that you really can't see the people in many of those advertising photos? Would you be happy with wedding photos like that from your wedding day? The best advertising photos don't always make the best REAL wedding-day photos.

Isn't a wedding really about you, your family & friends celebrating your happiness? --the people really make the day! Not many wedding photographers do an exceptional job of capturing the real story and personality of your special day. Too many photographers today focus on making faked 'advertising' wedding photos that may be pretty, but look nothing like your real wedding day.

Your love, commitment and wedding vows aren't faked so why should your wedding photography be? We work hard to deliver real meaningful images that show the real love you share. Our photos will bring you back to that most meaningful day and the feelings you shared with family and friends rather than just meaningless (but pretty) 'advertising' photos.

A website of 'just pretty pictures' leaves a lot of unanswered questions and may not tell the REAL story. How closely does a photographer's 'advertising photos' on their website represent what you will really get on your wedding day?

We guarantee your happiness and the finished results!

You've worked hard on your incredible Jacksonville Florida wedding, it will be the best event ever! Don't let it be just a short-lived blip-on-a-blog, make sure its essence is  captured and remembered as the best possible --now & forever, for both you and future generations.

"Preserving the REAL personality of your event in a stress-free and spontaneously fun way!"

Many wedding photographers come and go, too many of them are 'cookie-cut' from the same mold with their preconceived demands on what your wedding day should be! (and too often your wedding day becomes one long, drawn-out, unpleasant modeling photo shoot where the photographer bosses you around all day.) We are different than the others, we are unique, just like you and can make your dreams become reality without being annoying!

Who should you trust your once-in-a-lifetime memories to? Family and friends may NOT be your best choice! We will work with you along every step of the way and insure the best possible results, in an efficient and effective manner and insure your ultimate success --without ruining your wedding day.

We will preserve your event for a lifetime of lasting memories. We are a 'one-stop-shop' that can provide everything you need from incredible retouching and design to superior printing of: Save-the-Dates, Wall DecorArt, and Heirloom PhotoArt® Albums.

As our previous brides say: We are "fun, accommodating, unobtrusive" and "easy to work with" and will provide the perfect experience for your wedding. We deliver world-class quality at a fair price, that's why you will be thrilled you got us!

There is only a limited amount of events we can cover each year. We don't work with just anybody and have had to turn down some brides if our visions did't match. We value honesty and authenticity, so we won't 'over sell' you with false promises we can't keep. Let's talk about your needs, so we can decide if we are a good fit.

Our Wedding Photography Philosophy and Commitment to you:

For years you've dreamt of your extraordinary wedding day. All your hard work and preparation will insure that it's not only beautiful and elegant, but fun ~it will be like none other! A 'cookie-cutter' approach isn't quite your style.

You really don't want the same old contrived and boring wedding photography either, nor do you want your complete wedding day spoiled with hours of picture posing. You want something different, customized and unique.

We offer the BEST quality available and guarantee the finished results! Once you hire us you no longer have to worry about anything in regards to the photography, you can rest assured that we will do the best possible job, no matter the circumstances, working within your timeline, and we will see your project through to the end with guaranteed results.

We are very professional team players and will work very well with ALL your vendors to insure everyone's success. We won't make you late to your own party or make your guests food cold because we didn't follow your timeline. We won't ruin the ambiance of your beautiful location by turning up the house lights. We won't ruin your video by flashing every second during your first dance. We won't litter the dance floor with trip lights.

With us; What you see is what you get! All our advertising photos are from actual real life events (not models, workshops, fake photoshoots). We won't demand that you do things you don't want to do (like lay in the grass in your pristine wedding dress). We will take the best photos possible no matter the circumstances (rain or shine) in the most efficient manner possible.

We can provide 2 PROFESSIONAL photographers (so we don't miss anything) and include complete retouching on EVERY image at no additional cost. We guarantee you will look your best! Why settle for less? 

Capturing the distinguishing moments . . . for a lifetime of memories!

After the flowers have faded, and the food's been enjoyed, the moments remembered on your unique wedding day past, will be shared and remembered through your beautiful wedding-day photographs preserved in a Heirloom PhotoArt ® storybook wedding album that will last for multiple generations.

We have the experience, skill and talent needed to create great images without: imposing our schedule on you; bossing you around; keeping you away from your reception or guests; making you do cheesy poses and without stealing the spotlight from the bride and groom.

Our unobtrusive stress-free, artistic, photojournalism style and adaptability along with our customized wedding photography packages and albums insure you get exactly what YOU want! We capture what really happened instead of just what the photographer made happen! Spontaneous, artistic & fun ...not contrived.

We take photos less experienced photographers have a hard time getting. Your 'photographer friend' may not have the skill, experience, talent or equipment to do anything similar to what we can do for you.

You may be able to find cheaper, but you won't find better! You deserve the best! Real Photos bring back real heart-felt memories, faked or forced photos bring back bad memories! The choice is yours.

Nothing about you, your relationship or your event is fake or cheesy, so why should your photography be? We don't force you to do 'dumb poses' or apply the 'latest fad' to your pictures. Fads come and go and quickly make your photos look outdated.

We are passionate about capturing the real heart-felt moments of your day along with all the fine details and style of your wedding in a unique and artistic way without Interrupting the natural flow of the day.

That's why we capture an unlimited amount of images that naturally capture your day, in a stress-free and spontaneously fun way!

Stress Free Wedding Photography

One of your most important wedding keepsakes (besides each other) will be your cherished wedding album. If you don't get your wedding covered properly to begin with, you won't have anything but regrets to work with later. The bitterness of poor coverage & low quality remain long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Don't spend all your budget on the things that won't last. Quality wedding photography should cost 10-15% of your total wedding budget, spending less only increases your risks.  In the whole scheme of things, professional photography isn't expensive ~ it's priceless.

We have covered more than 700 events, our extensive experience and outstanding customer satisfaction are your assurance that your event photography will be a success! Don't trust your family legacy to the inexperienced!

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography Style

No two weddings are alike just like no two photographers are alike. Now-a-days EVERYONE is a photographer and every 'Wedding Photographer' has pretty pictures on their website. (too many are of models, fake brides and seminar training pictures or lots of pretty detail shots that look nothing like anything from your wedding day--creating false advertising)

Do they really have the skill, equipment and experience to be able to do a professional job in a courteous and timely manner and meet your highest expectations? (your job is to dig for the truth --look at real albums and actual finished products, not samples or advertising hype.)

In the end what will they really do for you? Will your wedding-day photos capture all the important emotions of the day and bring you back to that exact moment in time. Or will you be disappointed with poorly exposed, out-of-focus photos that you paid good money for, but aren't much better than your guests took? We work closely with you, throughout the complete process without imposing a 'cookie-cutter style' on you. We work to create what is really important to you.

We aren't right for everybody, (and we won't work with just anybody) but if you like our style and it looks like we are a good match, let's get together with your fiancee' and your mother (your bestfriend, coordinator, dad, etc.) to insure we are a good match and put together a customized package for your special day before another bride books your date.

Call or e-mail us to schedule an appointment. We also offer evening and weekend appointments for your convenience. Or we can set up a conference call on Skype.

Too many brides have been told to shop for just a CD, rather than for the finished products that they really wanted and have been disappointed in the end. Today they regret that they paid a lot of money for CDs/DVDs/USB that now just sit in a drawer, they wish they had spent the money to get a Heirloom PhotoArt ® storybook album.

Don't hire a photographer unless they guarantee your final printed products. A CD/DVD/USB isn't a finished product and comes with no guarantees, it may only bring disappointment in the end when you discover it is incapable of creating the finished products you were hoping for.

A photographer who is working with you from beginning to end (and guarantees the finished products) is shooting to create the perfect images for your archivally-printed album and will be much more meticulous than one who is only shooting to quickly burn a CD/DVD/USB and leave you stranded.

To insure the best quality possible, we do ALL our own printing inhouse. Our goal is to tell the real story of your wedding day, not dictate it for you! When it comes to the wedding photography; we will capture all the fun, spontaneity and grandeur of your day without getting in your way!

Our printed Heirloom PhotoArt® looks better and lasts longer than digital files -guaranteed!

You deserve the uniquely customized Great Wedding Photography services and archival products we offer. We stand behind all our products 100%. If you don't like it, we will re-do it. No problem, no worries!

As an independent small business, we aren't the photographer for the masses. We will capture those distinguishing moments, the unique essence of you, your relationships and your event in a spontaneous, stress-free, natural and fun way and then archival preserve those memories for all time and future generations.

We retouch EVERY image we take and use up to 5 different cameras, 8 lenses and up to 2 professional photographers at every event. Our Heirloom PhotoArt ® prints have been tested to NOT fade for hundreds of years --for generations of enjoyment! WE DO NOT use fake brides, models or pictures from photography seminars on our website or in our 'sample' albums, we only show you REAL weddings we have really done.

You will benefit by our experience! We backup every wedding image twice and every ordered image 3 times and store them in a fireproof safe (at no small cost to us). We also have 32 terabytes of RAID redundant storage. If the photography is important, don't settle for less. We don't skimp on quality, neither should you! We have the skill, experience and equipment to do it right!

Heirloom PhotoArt® Wall Portrait

Will your favorite wedding-day photos be the ones of the 'cute couple' posed in front of the church, or by the water, or in front of your venue or laying on the grass? (did you really want to lay on the grass in your wedding dress? on your wedding day? is that something you would normally do? or did the photographer make you do that?)

When you look at your wedding-day photos, will they bring back memories of what your photographer made you do? or will they bring back your memories of what great fun you had and how fantastic your event was for you and your friends?

Our goal is to have your photos bring back your REAL memories, not a reminder of what your photographer said or did, that's why we won't make you late to your own party or force you to do things you didn't plan on!

'Natural light' photography is the easiest to do; see the light and push the button --beautiful! The problem is; (especially at a live event) you will rarely find the best natural light at the time and location you need it. We shoot with 'available light' if the light at our location isn't the best, we pull out any and all light we have 'available' to make the best photography.

We don't limit ourselves to only what nature provides. We use a nice mix of both natural and man-made light giving you the best possible images no matter the circumstances. Some photographers force their 'style' on every photo they take. Maybe a '70s retro look' or a 'creamy mauve fade' is hip today, but it will look very dated in a very short period of time.

Was your reception extremely 'dark and moody' (with lighting similar to a horror movie?) Some photographers make 'dark and spooky' (with lots of black backgrounds and dark shadows) their 'style' and then force it on you. If your wedding was bright and beautiful, then your REAL photos will show that, you don't need faked photos. We like to provide a good mix of light and dark images that capture the REAL mood of your event. IF the background of an image is ugly, and you want to hide it, then making it totally dark makes sense. 

Please note: We are NOT in charge of the lighting at your event, we can take quality pictures in pitch black darkness so you can set the lighting to create the exact mood you want! We have the equipment and experience to get the best possible photos --no matter the circumstances!

We will provide a good mix of light and dark images from which you can choose your favorites. Too many photographers make you 'turn up the lights' and ruin the mood of your event --very few people want to dance in daylight. Very few wedding photographer's have our mad skills.

Don't delay... we still have a few Saturday dates available for 2018 and are booking for 2019 and beyond. E-mail us now to see if we still have your date available.

We apologize to the many brides who we have had to turn away because their date has already been booked. We often book Saturday events 8-12 months in advance. To assure our high-quality standards we can only offer our totally customized services to about 24 of the best weddings each year.