About Us

Thanks for visiting our photography website! We are pretty easy going, fun-loving and straight-forward. We take our responsibilities seriously and do everything we can to deliver the best!

Photography is our passion --from initial idea to finished print. (but don't get us started or we will be here all night!) There is nothing better than doing a job you really enjoy! It brings excitement and strength to ones being. It is our purpose and vision to capture, perfect and preserve the essence of your work, relationships and life events, to be cherished for multiple generations. Everything we do is customized for you!

Enjoy these 'behind-the-scene' moments of us hard at work:

We have loaded this website with tons of information about what we do along with our core beliefs about how we believe it should be done with the hopes that it will benefit you whether you use our services or not.

EVERY photo on this website was shot by us from actual jobs/ events (they are NOT from training seminars, fabricated events or stylized shoots.) By posting hundreds of our typical photos online --for all to see-- insures an honest representation of what exactly we have done for others and can do for you.

A successful photography business combines ART, SCIENCE and good BUSINESS practises. Today too many photographer's websites are only showing you what a great editor their website designer is, so you don't really have accurate or REAL information from which to make an informed decision.

We don't use our website or social media to 'over-sell' our services. We don't use 'advertising hype' to make what we do sound better than it really is.

There are many levels of "professional photographers" today. Some just starting out, some with good talent but few resources and some real professionals that know how to get the job done right. We provide services that are of the highest quality that truly rank at the top as a "real professional".

Just like fancy hotel room photos on a website, too many photographer's websites show beautiful images that look nothing like what you will actually get. We value authentic honesty over advertising hype and deception. You will be glad you hired us! We guarantee all our work!

The advertising gurus may say we don't brag on ourselves enough, but we are a small business with a lot of talent and limited amounts of time, so we really only want to work with decent people with realistic expectations who will be pleasantly delighted by what we can do for them and not expect us to entertain them with unnecessary hype or constant "name dropping".

Being authentic and honest prevents us from overselling and under-delivering, it's just not our style! Life is too short to do otherwise. Let's just say this is our way of sharing our passion joyously.


We have the people and the resources to do the job right and fully guarantee the end results! Give us a call and give us a try, you'll be glad you did!