We use our blog to share our thoughts about our industry and for educational purposes. We believe our customers (not their photographer) should be the first to post their photos on social media and 'brag' about their 'incredible' event, that's why you won't see synopsis here of our 'latest and greatest, totally awesome' most recent shooting.


By Dan Harris
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In the last 10-years technology has really improved photography. Today's cell phone cameras take better photos than yesterday's professional cameras. With new apps coming out every day you can do most anything with the 'press of a button'. More photos and videos are being taken today than any other time in history. Everyone is now a photographer!

So why would you pay for photography when you can 'do-it-yourself' for free? There are many situations where 'do-it-yourself' is good enough such as: A quick snap to update everyone on your current situation; A quick reference photo to document important data; A fun video of your goofball friends.

There has always been a misconception that the better the camera, the better the picture. You convinced yourself of it when you upgraded your camera or phone and like magic all your new images started looking much better than they used to. Perhaps you even thought to yourself, or a friend said to you; 'Wow, that's a great picture, you should become a professional photographer."

A true photographic artist (and people who have done photography for years) understands that the camera is only a part of the image making process and the best camera on it's own won't make the best photos. It takes mad skills to be able to make the best images.

Good photography starts with being able to see differently. Not many people have a natural born talent for seeing artistically, such a talent can take nearly a lifetime to develop and some people will never be able to grasp it.

Without light there is no photography. seeing, controlling and manipulating light, once again, is a skill that takes decades to master. Even if you are able to see the image you want to capture, it is sometimes very challenging to get that image to record in the camera as you saw it.

A photographic image is viewed on a flat surface, the magic of a skilled photographer is being able to make that flat viewing surface appear three-dimensional. Owning a piano doesn't make you a concert pianist nor does owning a camera make you a professional photographer.

When we use the term 'professional photographer' we aren't just talking about being skilled at using a camera. There are too many other steps, skills and processes to list here that make the difference between 'a person who uses a camera' and a 'professional photographer'. 

Our business model for the past 20-years has been to provide our clients with a 'full-service' experience. From the beginning concept on through to the finished product, we consult and advise along every step of the way to insure the final outcome is the best it can possibly be. We have the experience, skills, equipment, talent and ability to do the best possible job in a pleasant manner within budget and on-time.

We suggest that you NOT take a risk on 'once-in-a-lifetime' events like weddings, milestone events or important business or family gatherings. Sure you could first try to 'do-it-yourself', then you could hire someone with less abilities and expertise for less money and ultimately, after you have wasted a good amount of time and money, you can hire us to do it right! Only then will you understand; 'When quality matters, demand the best by hiring us!'