This month's special: Book a 4+ hour wedding and get a $1500 credit towards a Heirloom PhotoArt ® Storybook Wedding Album.

Jacksonville Wedding photography Prices:

Let's face it, when all is said and done you will have spent a lot on your wedding day with little to show for it. By hiring an experienced professional commercial wedding photographer, who not only captures the true essence of your event, but preserves it in a Heirloom PhotoArt ® Storybook Wedding Album, you will have an amazing keepsake that will be a permanent part of your families story that will be passed down for generations. And because it is tangible (and not just digital), it can never be corrupted, deleted, crashed or vaporized.   

Professional wedding photography is an ART, a SCIENCE and a BUSINESS, too many websites only show you their ART leaving you with only one-third of the information you really need. We want you to make an informed decision, that's why we want to meet you in person, have you view our unique products, answer all your questions, share some helpful pointers/ tips and give you a custom quote and help you make an educated decision so as to avoid future disappointment.

We are a Full-Service Studio that guarantees your finished results! We do our own world-class printing and album manufacturing. When you hire us you get real peace of mind knowing we will get the job done right, no matter the circumstances. FYI: Quality Wedding photography typically costs 10-15% of your total wedding budget. Sure you could spend less if you want to risk more and get less.

Wedding photography is such a personal and important part of your special day you should be able to get exactly what you want at a fair price. If the photography is important to you, spend some extra time and effort researching it, not just online but with in-person meetings.

You won’t find better quality at any price! Let's meet up to discuss all the details of your event and customize a package to fit your exact needs. If we are a good match, we may be able to work within your budget. Better to hire the absolute best you can get for the time you can afford rather than settling for poor quality 'unlimited coverage'. Quality over Quantity!

Our commitment to 'truth-in-advertising' doesn't allow us to engage in the deceitful practice of posting a handful of overly-enhanced images (top 2% from the event) on an exaggerated blog that ultimately leaves you disappointed in the other 98% of the unworked images delivered. 

If you like what you see, don't delay, call or e-mail today to check our availability and setup a meeting, before another bride books your date. Just about anyone can take wedding snaps, we are the best at capturing and preserving the REAL personality of your event!

 PLEASE NOTE: Our Bridal Show specials are a Limited-time offer with restricted availability. Call or e-mail to see if your date qualifies for the special from the Bridal show. CURRENT BRIDAL SHOW SPECIALS ARE ONLY VALID FOR CONTRACTS RECEIVED WITHIN 2 WEEKS OF THE BRIDAL SHOW.


Wedding photography Price range | $400-$4000

All our custom packages include a minimum of: Pre-planning consultations, Wedding-day coverage for the contracted hours with up to 2 pro photographers and multiple cameras, Image Editing, Developing, Standard retouching & enhancements, a private ordering website for a full year and All hi-res digital files (with print release) on USB/DVD, Instant download of your favorite unwatermarked social media files, Post-wedding viewing and Album consultations. The more you spend, the more you get! All our custom packages contain additional items only available to those who set an appointment and meet in person. CALL NOW

The biggest mistake brides make while 'shopping' for Jacksonville wedding photography is making decisions based on advertising and social-media hype alone and comparing prices over the internet without really knowing the reality of what they are really going to get.

Factors that can affect the pricing are the number of: photography hours, locations, bridesmaids, photographers needed, retouched images. Also other factors such as included products and the date of the wedding. 

If wedding photography really isn't that important to you then don't waste a lot of time researching it, just let your friend or relative do it or just collect prices and go with the cheapest one you can find, but please don't complain later because you ultimately got what you paid for.

CALL 904-398-7668 or e-mail: to check availability and schedule an appointment today!

We accept ALL credit cards including: AmEx, Visa, MC, Discover & Diners.