Why Choose Us for your Portrait Photography?

In the whole scheme of life, not very many people will be able to own an original work of art by Dan Harris PhotoArt.

Our exceptional quality makes all the difference -Guaranteed! We include complete retouching with every session and will insure your finished art is the absolute best it can be --guaranteed!

A 'picture taker' is NOT a professional image maker! 'Picture taking' is only 20% of what we do! 

Talk to any of our portrait customers and you will learn that our photography is truly different, not just random snaps, nor faked fashions, every picture comes with a heartfelt memory, one that brings you back to a specific moment in time and an incredible place. A place you, your family, your loved ones and your children's children will want to visit time and time again.

All our photography sessions are private and custom (we don't offer impersonal 'mini-sessions' or 'cattle-call' group line-ups).

Hiring Dan and his staff will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. The value of what we provide is much greater than the price we charge --guaranteed!

Anything of value requires a substantial investment. Not everyone is willing to, or able to, make that investment. We have committed wholeheartedly to provide the best quality and insure your success and have proven it time and time again.

We know you could pay less and get less, but that may just be a big waste of good money. All businesses sell their products based on a markup of their costs and materials.

We only provide the best-quality materials (which we purchase at wholesale prices) and markup at a percentage that is equal to established industry standards.

Sadly, too many of our competitors are foregoing quality and longevity for the absolutely cheapest (and poorest quality materials) available. Many of the cheap 'made in China' products you can buy most anywhere come with no guarantees and although they cost less 'up front' they ultimately cost more in the long run based on their useful life.

What does it tell you about the quality of the materials some businesses use in their products when the 'retail' selling price of their item costs less money then our products materials alone?

You can choose to do it right and invest in something that is guaranteed to last or just buy cheap junk that you will throw away in a short period of time  --In the end, you'll ultimately get what you pay for.

When quality matters, demand only the best!

We are a Full-Service Studio that guarantees your finished results! We do our own world-class printing. When you hire a true professional like us, we will get the job done right and won’t leave you stranded with just a CD/DVD/USB.

You deserve the best! Why settle for less? Call Now: 904-398-7668 We will do everything we can to make your dreams come true!