Why choose us for your Headshot?


Some would say if you look OK and it serves your purpose it's good.

What makes a bad headshot? No need to expound, they are a dime-a-dozen, quick to produce and easy to find, just snap a selfie or ask your friend with a camera to snap one, or go to the mall photographer.

So what's the difference between a good headshot and a bad one? Therein lies the question that few people have the training, experience or skill to understand, identify and correct --even among Jacksonville professional photographers.

Our exceptional quality makes all the difference -Guaranteed!

Some people think if you take enough pictures, eventually you'll get one you like. Others believe they can fix anything on the computer.

The truth of the matter, it takes skills (mad skills): in facial evaluation; masculine and feminine posing; proper equipment and lens selection; best use of lighting ratios and patterns to match individual facial structure; the proper camera vs. subject angle for the facial type and subtle computer enhancements to create the most successful headshot --one that presents your BEST first impression.

Bring us your current headshot, tell us what you like or don't like about it and we will create you a better one --GUARANTEED!

We still take multiple shots on location and review them immediately on the computer/ or camera so the person being photographed can choose their favorite image or do an instant re-take.


IF you hire us to cover your corporate event with a minimum of 3 hours, we will be happy to set up a backdrop and shoot 'grip & grin' group shots or even individual headshots at your regular contracted hourly rate. Please understand that these type of shots will be post-processed the same as our event coverage photos and will not include individualized edits, retouching or black and white conversions.


A headshot shouldn't be a 'day at the spa'. We are respectful of your time and very efficient in our processes. We view every image as it is taken. The more decisions you can make during your shoot time (10-20 minutes) insures we can get the finished product to you quicker.

Feel free to bring a friend to help with your choices. We can also assist you with choosing the best clothing options. Sometimes we take multiple photos with different options (glasses, no glasses, different color accessories, etc.) We know you are busy and often offer 24-48 hour turn-around time at no additional cost.