Why choose us for your Greenscreen, RedCarpet, InstantPrint Event?


Our exceptional quality makes all the difference -Guaranteed!

Very few Jacksonville photographer's have the proper equipment and experience to meet or exceed your onsite printing expectations. We can handle your event Big or Small with 2x6, 4x6, 5x7, 2.5x7, 6x8 or 8x10 instant prints onsite.

All our instant print set-ups include multiple studio lights, automated processes and professional equipment to insure your prints look their best!

We can upload the digital files at your event so your guests can immediately download their pictures to their phone or tablet. We can provide: Standard Black Photo Folders or Custom-printed ones, Custom Promotional Items, Full-Color Plaques, Banners, Posters and Everyday printing. 

We also do step and repeat (printed or digitally) and can include logos or graphics on the printouts. We can customize most everything to your specifications.

We can also setup multiple print stations with monitors for people to view and order their pictures instantly! When you want it done right, give us a call.


No long lines due to our FAST print times -- approx. 15 seconds each! (Additional prints and different sizes can be ordered online after the event.)


Can be quoted per hour or by the print. Green Screen photography allows us to photograph at your event and digitally add an image to the background, and words and graphics over the photo. The possibilities are limitless!


The Unlimited Deception

We offer on-site instant Printing and Green Screen photography at events including 4x6's, 5x7's and 8x10's. We have had over 15 years of experience with this type of work and have a good understanding of what the requirements are and what can realistically be accomplished.

Although we may quote an 'unlimited' print package, we have done our homework and based our quote on realistic numbers. (The number of people at the event, the size of the printouts and the number of hours needed.)

Our quote will include a printout for EVERY person in every photo and 'unlimited' photos during the time contracted for. (but of course, our calculations will be based on the actual numbers).

Too many vendors today are quoting and promote 'unlimited prints at the event' without regard to the actual numbers. They make it sound like they will print 'as many as you want' with absolutely no limits, without understanding the true requirements.

Reality is: There IS a limit based on time and capability; the printing capacity will always be limited by what the photographer can shoot within the allotted time and what the equipment can print within that same time period. If a vendor doesn't ask about the numbers and won't tell you their true and realistic capability, you shouldn't accept their unrealistic quote.

We have seen vendors with 'slow' printers (1 to 2 prints per minute) quote in this manner because they know their equipment will not allow for 'unlimited'. Our printers can print 4-5 prints per minute, To insure complete satisfaction and realistic expectations, (and because we are smart business people) we work to quote honestly and base our price quotes on what we can realistically accomplish for you in the allotted time..

We can bring multiple printers and photographers (and quote accordingly) if there is a greater need for speed. (We own 4 printers and can borrow 4 more from one of our associates, if needed.)

Nothing worse than the event planner booking the 'unlimited' vendor planning a 2-hour event with 600 people needing at least 300 prints only to be surprised at the event when the printer can only produce 120 prints in 2 hours! And even worse, they only brought enough paper for the 2-hour time period.

But hey, you signed the contract and it did say "unlimited prints at the event during the contracted time." Now your only recourse is to pay for more time to get the number of prints you thought you had contracted for. --Buyer Beware