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I often cry at weddings. It's such a romantic time. To see the joy and love shared on the wedding day is truly remarkable. My job as a professional commercial wedding photographer is to capture those awesome feelings of that most incredible day and preserve your families story for future generations.

You will preserve your wedding dress, How will you preserve your wedding photos? Mobile Devices Break; Storage Drives Fail; Clouds Dissipate; Social Media Changes; Cheap SnapFoto Paperback Books don't last. Don't leave your photos future to uncertainty.

Only our famous Heirloom PhotoArt ® Storybook Albums will preserve your memories for hundreds of years and multiple generations! When you sit close together and look through your awesome storybook wedding album it will bring you back to that incredible day and the special times you shared with the ones you love.

With over 20-years experience as an exceptional commercial wedding photographer in Jacksonville, Florida, Dan Harris PhotoArt is your wedding photography expert who will help you get exactly what you want! We give you exceptional quality at a fair price and will treat you right! Sure you could find cheaper, but you won't find better. No amount of 'savings' is worth risking your important once-in-a-lifetime family milestone memories!

Our passionate purpose is to unobtrusively photograph and archivally preserve the unique story of your exquisite wedding day --not dictate it for you. "Your day, Your way" Your favorite keepsake from your wedding day (besides your spouse) will be the real photographs of what really happened preserved in your one-of-a-kind, archival, storybook leather art wedding album.

You've worked hard on your incredible wedding, it will be the best event ever! Don't let it be just a short-lived blip-on-a-blog, our professional photography services will insure it is documented exceptionally and preserved, in the best possible light, with a Heirloom PhotoArt ® album --now & forever, for both you and future generations.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Bridal Show special price has limited availability and is only valid for contracts received within 2-weeks of the bridal show.

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